So you decided to pursue a new construction home or condo.  You might wonder if it is beneficial to register an agent as your buyer's agent with the developer, or, more importantly, is there any downside to registering someone.  

Here is a detailed list of the potential negative things that can occur by registering a buyer's agent:

1.  (None)


And here is a detailed list of the positive things that can benefit you by registering an agent:

1.  No cost to buyer.  The developer's in Sarasota area market very heavily to realtors and pay them a commission directly.  That commission has already been budgeted in the project and the buyer does not realize any reduction in negotiating power or what they get for their purchase price.  

2. Buyer representation.  Keep in mind the on-site rep works for the developer.  A good agent can help in negotiating acceptable terms and incentives while limiting risks.  

3. For out of the area buyers, the agent can be the eyes and the ears for the buyer during the build process. 


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