Deed Restrictions


Deed restrictions in this area limit the use or mandate certain guidelines of a property for the main goal of protecting home values and ensuring that owners can enjoy their property.  They are put into place and enforced by the home owners association which is made up of owners of that particular community. 

Some of the typical restrictions may be: 

  • No RV's or Boats stored on lot
  • No sheds
  • Type of roof 
  • Maintaining yard and home
  • Rental restrictions

Others may include:

  • No parking on street overnight
  • No trucks in driveway overnight
  • Certain style and color of mailboxes
  • No above ground pools


Although some people do not like to have mandates or limitations on the use of their home, it is important to keep in mind that most of the restrictions are there to protect the home values of the owners.  Although the listing agents can provide a lot of the deed restrictions on a listing, it is still important for potential buyers to review the HOA documents and guidelines prior to purchasing a home (or within the due diligence period).