In putting in the offer,  the standard practice is for a buyer to submit it in contract form so that all the terms are very clearly spelled out.  We will need the following details / info in submitting the offer:

  1. Legal Name(s)
  2. Type of Contract - Standard or As-Is with Right to Inspect and Cancel.  Details about each can be found here:
  3. Offer Price
  4. Deposit - how much do you intend to offer as a good-faith deposit.  
  5. Title Company - Who will hold the deposit.  We recommend you use the same provider for both.
  6. Finance or Cash.  If financing, how much do you intend to finance as a percentage of purchase price and what type of loan are you using.  And normally sellers will want to see the pre-approval letter from lender in advance of responding to an offer.
  7. Seller Response Deadline.  We normally do 24 hours - but please note that in Florida, until both parties have signed the contract, nothing is legally binding and there is no obligation for either party to perform or respond.  
  8. Closing date.
  9. How many days for inspection contingency deadline.  The contract has 15 days as default, but sellers usually  prefer a shorter time frame - 7 to 10 days is typical.  
We can discuss each of these items in more detail as questions arise.