What are CDD fees?  

CDD stands for Community Development District.  In some newer communities, it is an annual cost to a home owner that is paid as part of the annual tax bill.  It is usually made up of 2 parts.  A repayment of a bond for the community development - usually over a 30 year period, and an-ongoing maintenance and upkeep of some of the infrastructure - much like a homeowners association fee. (You may note an item on MLS listings that displays if the property has CDD: Yes or No.) 

The fees are included in the overall real estate tax field which is auto-populated directly from the tax record.  (Occasionally, listing agents break it out and list the tax amount only in the tax field and the CDD cost in a separate field so when a property has a CDD fee,we always like to confirm it is included.)  

Also, as a note, many communities that have a CDD fee have lower association fees because some of the normal costs associated with the association are covered as part of the CDD fee.  It is always a good practice to get all the info so you can compare apples to apples. 

And lastly, the bond portion of the CDD fee can normally be paid off in advance.  The percentage of the overall CDD fee varies between communities.  We can assist you in getting and analyzing the CDD info for any/all subdivisions of interest.